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Triple Web Threat

While it may not be very interesting to the average Internet user, Lunascape may intrigue many web developers.  Basically its a Web Browser capable of changing its web-rendering engine to any of the big three right now, Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko (Firefox), or Web Kit (Safari/Chrome).3engine According to its website, its using a optimized version of Gecko which making it the fastest web browser, among the other 4.  Currently I’m addicted to Google Chrome, mainly for the minimalist design, and it’s speed, and from some of the screen shots I’ve seen, Lunascape seems very cluttered, and a lot like IE.  It is only in alpha release though, so I’m hoping that something will be done to their UI.  There are other features to it, such as Tabs, Mouse Gesturing, RSS and Blog Information, Podcasting, Skins, Security Manager, and Plug-ins.

I can’t really see the average Internet user having any need to change their “web-rendering engine”, and most of its features are pretty standard in the other more established browsers, however the Web developers can go crazy, they now have one tool to test them all.


One thought on “Triple Web Threat

  1. WOW! That is absolutely fantastic. It is definitely something I will have to look into. I will be nice one day when all browsers view Javascript and CSS as one… but that is of course wishful thinking!

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