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My name is James Tiberius Kirk

As many of you may know, I am a Star Trek FREAK! Well more so to The Next Generation and Voyager, im partial to the Original, mainly because I like Captain Picard much more than Captain Kirk, and it is a little too retro for me, I have seen all the episodes though.  I never really got into DS9, it always seemed kind of dark, and the station seems more like something the Klingons or Kardasians would have, too much steel.  I probably will buy all the DS9 dvds one day, and have a marathon, but not anytime soon.

Anyway the new Star Trek XI trailer was released last week with the new Bond film, and I must say that it is awesome!!!  The opening is amazing, with a young Kirk racing down a desert road being chased by some kind of robot i think, but in the distance you can see the silhouette of some incedibly huge buildings.  The next scene shows an older Kirk standing infront of a shipyard, with the construction of a new ship underway (Enterprise?).  The next two scenes show Spock, both the younger and older (Leonard Nimoy), with a brief shot of the younger Spock clearly attacking someone on the bridge of a ship, and showing rage.  I really want to know what it is that makes Spock show his emotions, or what made him decide to surppress them, like a true Vulcan.  There also seems to be some amazing space battle sequences, I can’t wait!!!

This was a great trailer, only 6 more months of waiting!


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