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XRap 0.1 Release

I have updated my link to my 0.1 release of the XULRunner Application Packager (XRap), it can be downloaded here.  Its still buggy, I am still working on the XML shema, and making an executable to run the actually XULRunner app, i need that executable so I can append to the Start Menu-> All Programs folder.

To run

C:\XUL> XULRunnerApplicationPackager.exe RootFolder

Where RootFolder is the root folder of your XULRunner based program.

Currently when the command is run, it will create an XML file of the folders and files within the programs root directory passed. Once the XML file is created it is passed to Windows Installer XML (WiX), which compiles and links it using two programs called Candle and Light, respectively. Once compiled and linked successfully, the msi is created. When the msi is run, the program will automatically install the application to the C:\Program Files\ folder, I am currently hard at work on finishing the UI based installer, so that the user can select where to install the program.

I’ve updated XULRunnerApplicationPackager, see here


3 thoughts on “XRap 0.1 Release

  1. “…making an executable to run the actually XULRunner app…”

    What exactly do you mean there? XULRunner does come with a xulrunner-stub.exe which can be copied to the application.ini folder and renamed to whatever-you-want.exe

    It will launch the xulrunner app

  2. Also, are you releasing the source code for XULRunnerApplicationPackager?

    Finally, I’d be interested to see if XULRunnerApplicationPackager could actually be a xulrunner app itself, since you need a xulrunner to package with the application.

  3. Thanks Mark, I’ll look into xulrunner-stub.exe, and I’ll be releasing the source code soon, most likely by Friday once I get the exe working and add the ability to add a shortcut in the start menu.

    I am considering making a xulrunner app packager for my linux release, and I’ll like to talk to you about it. I’d like to change the Windows release to a xulrunner app, I will have to learn how the windows installer works

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