Space: Floor 100,000…Going up!

Came across this Sci-fi becoming reality article while I was researching something else, it stole 10 minutes of my time, so I’ll do the same to you!

Basically scientists and engineers are hard at work in designing an elevator to space.  While it may be decades away, the only thing stopping the creation is that the technology needed is only being created now, things like nanotubes, which is 180 times the strength of steel cable.  It may sound pointless, but its the materials and technology created in projects like this that change everything, and move the entire human race forward.  It will also make it cheaper and less dangerous to move people and materials into space, possibly spawning a new era in space exploration.

Hopefully completed in our lifetime, its a very exciting venture.

Here the article: ‘Space Elevator’ will take humans into orbit

And some other ‘Space Elevator’ related news:

HowStuffWorks “How Space Elevators will Work”

Space Elevator Reference


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