Biden vs. Palin: Don’t Hold your Breath

I finally got some time to watch the much anticipated debate between Vice Presidential candidates Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin.  As everyone else, I watched to see if Gov. Palin will dig herself into a bigger hole than she has after her interview with Katie Couric, and all those hair pulling comments she continues to make.  As a supporter of Barack Obama, I was also interested in Sen. Biden, as I haven’t gotten to see much of him over the last month, and I wanted to see how he was supporting Obama and his campaign.

Starting with Gov. Palin, as expected she came out on stage with a big smile on her face, shook Sen. Biden’s hand, and asked him if she can call him ‘Joe’.  Certainly coming off as a friendly gesture, to Biden and the viewers, I didn’t think she was going to call him by his first name through the entire debate, starting a sentence with ‘Joe this’ and ‘Joe that’ or ‘I don’t think so Joe’.  I think this comes off as disrespectful and rude, this is a man who has worked in government for 30 years, he deserves to be called ‘Senator Biden’, or at least ‘Senator’.  I believe there should be a least some formalities during the debate, its not a high school debate, it’s vice presidential.
I must say that Gov. Palin did seem quite relaxed during the debate, compared to the interview with Katie Couric, smiling throughout the debate, mostly because of something which Sen. Biden had said which she wants to refute.  Almost laughing at times, quite childish.  She did make some good points to argue against Biden, but after a while those points kept on repeating, almost like her script ran out, so she started from the top again.
I have only one more point about her presentation, she kept on looking at the camera, great tactic on trying to relay her message straight to the American people, and I believe it worked.  It showed her strength and determination toward America.  My only argument is that it was too late to be talking to the people, this is a debate, she should have been looking at the Senator and the moderator.  Gov. Palin had one month to get her message to the American people, through interviews, television, conventions, but McCain has kept her in the dark.  After only 3 televised interviews, 2 of which she was not prepared for, and 1 with McCain by her side basically answering questions for her.  She’s not ready for primetime! Nor the Whitehouse.

The debate itself wasn’t all that exciting, both sides would answer questions from the moderator, which might bounce between them once or twice, I think there wasn’t enough time to debate each issue, but thats just the format of the debate.  I hate the fact that Palin thinks that she knows something about foreign policy because her state is near Russia, what about all the northern states that are on the border of Canada? There is a lot more trade that goes along that border.  Then there are all the southern states, which must deal with illegal immigration as well as trade.  Palin’s argument is that Russia sometimes fly in their airspace…? ***Pull my hair***
Biden was better prepared, he was very passive during the first half of the debate, as Palin attacked many of his views, but he came back strong.  I particularly liked when he finally explained to Palin how McCain is not a ‘Maverick’.  I found that Biden was very clear cut in his answers, he knew what he was talking about for the most part, there where probably one or two questions which he avoided.  Unlike Palin, who seemed to avoid many questions, and the questions which she did answer were very general, often starting with ‘John McCain and I will…’.

Overall the debate was nothing special, we got to see more the Vice Presidential candidates, learn about their political views and where they are going to help the future President take America.  Gov. Palin did show America that she is a very strong speaker, very confident, and she can relate to many households and the general American population.  Biden showed us that he agrees with many of the political views of Barack Obama, he has a lot of knowledge in American politics, and will be a great candidate to work in Washington.  Biden won the debate by default, but I think he is capable of much more, while Palin showed confidence, she knows very little about the politics going on in Washington, she should stick to Alaska.

Here’s the Debate for those who missed it:


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