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La Reserve Restaurant

La Reserve Entrance

La Reserve Entrance

Location: 8432 Leslie Street

Type: Italian

After some amount of searching for an Italian restaurant in the Markham/Richmond Hill area, I finally found the perfect place for my girlfriend and I to celebrate our 6th month anniversary, La Reserve.


Absolutely romantic, you can’t really tell from the outside, but as soon as you open the doors, it shines in elegance.  The evening which we went it wasn’t that busy, there were three other groups all sitting around the large white piano, and we were the fourth.  Candle lit tables in a dimly lit room certainly enhances the mood, along with the soft classical music in the background.  The waiter was well dressed, prompt, and very friendly, especially since I had trouble understanding the menu which was in Italian.


We opened up the evening with a glass of wine, and they do have quite the worldly selection.  The food was delicious, for the appetizer I had the ‘Cocktail di Gamberoni’, which is 5 jumbo shrimps served with their cocktail sauce, and my girlfriend had the ‘Insalata Cesarina’, which is romaine lettuce tossed in their in-house Caesar dressing.  Both were pretty good, fresh not too bland, but personally nothing special.  For the main course, I had the ‘Cappone Vecchiomondo’, which is grilled chicken with cherry pesto over it, the chicken was moist and flavorful.  My girlfriend doesn’t eat that much so she got an appetizer portion pasta, the ‘Spaghetti Integrali’, which is spaghetti served with mushrooms and vegetables, definitely didn’t taste like the spaghetti that I can make, much better.


Expensive, don’t go here if you are on a budget.  Appetizers average at about $20.00, while a dinner plate will run between $30 and $50.  Add in a couple glasses of wine, maybe a dessert, and your bill could easily run you around $150.00 for a couple.

Overall the evening was ok, the food was above average, it did cost me a bit, but the atmosphere was perfect.  I would recommend this restaurant to couples who are looking for an extra special evening together, this is not a place to go out “just” for dinner, unless you have lots of money, than by all means.


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