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Potential Project Selection

Here is a listing of my potential projects which I have selected.  I am leaning toward the Thunderbird Draft Scheduler, however the Weave/Thunderbird integration project seems very interesting, I just need to do more research into it

1. Thunderbird Draft Scheduler Extension

Write an extension for Thunderbird so that the user has the ability to mark a draft email for sending later. This is not the same as having to save emails in your DRAFT box because users would have to remember to go back in and click Send later. What is different here is that users could set the date and time for each email to be sent. This feature would be helpful to those who work late into the night but prefer not to send emails at such a late hour. This feature would also benefit support staff, e.g., administrative assistants, who constantly have to send out regular email reminders, e.g., for meetings, timesheets, etc.

From the description, this project sounds like an extremely useful tool.  I know for myself that I would use a tool like this.

2. Finish Weave/Thunderbird integration

Weave is Mozilla’s services project. It currently allows different Firefox installations to synchronize bookmarks, etc. We’d like Thunderbird to be a full-fledged Weave client as well. Some [??? work has already been done], but more is required to get utility. Possible scenarios include:

 * thunderbird accounts synchronized (configure once, use everywhere)
 * automatic bookmarking in Firefox of URLs sent to/from friends
 * access to Thunderbird address book from Firefox

References: bug 446444

3. Spellcheck Extension for Arbitrary Web Pages

Write an extension to leverage the existing spellcheck code in Mozilla and add the ability to highlight spelling mistakes for a given web page (i.e., vs. a textbox).


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